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NAMA Junmai Muroka Genshu Nigori Sake, 'Forest Spirit', Soma no Tengu

  • Fermented with native yeast to give a lambic-like tartness
  • Dry on the palate with velvety smooth texture
  • Yamada Nishiki rice milled to 59%

Made from locally grown Yamada Nishiki rice milled to 59%, the Soma no Tengu is a low intervention sake retaining a lot of the character and vitality from the fermenting tank. It still contains the finest part of the fermentation sediment resulting in a cloudy sediment and a delicate rice fragrance. It has not been diluted or proofed down (genshu), has not been filtered with carbon to lighten the flavor (muroka) and has been left unpasteurized (nama) giving it zip and vitality.

One of the few sake not made with conventional yeast types, Soma no Tengu is fermented with yeasts native to the brewery giving the sake a beautiful tartness reminiscent of lambic style ales, and a completely singular flavor.

While being on the dry side, the texture is velvety and smooth. The texture of this unique usunigori (light cloudy sake) is fine and light,  lending the sake a beautiful silvery color and a rich softness. Remarkably bright in flavor, reminiscent of a squirt of freshly squeezed citrus, and finishes with a lemony tang.


Shiga Prefecture
Yamada Nishiki Rice