Aquavit, Norden Spirits

Aquavit, Norden Spirits

After a trip to Denmark resulted in his first taste of Aquavit, Norden’s founder, Robyn Cleveland, never forgot the flavors he experienced in distillates abroad. Driven by a respect for aquavit’s rich history, a desire for the ideal mixing spirit, and a dedication to producing locally, Robyn dedicated himself to sourcing the best ingredients and refining his distillation techniques, leading to the launch of Norden’s flagship ‘Taffel Style Aquavit’ in 2017. With an emphasis on organic and wild crafted (foraged) ingredients and a base distilled from organic corn grown in the midwestern United States, Norden’s lineup continues to grow, contributing both to the rich cocktailing scene of nearby Detroit, Michigan, and the country at large.

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Tasting Notes

Norden’s Original Taffel Style Aquavit paints a lush, botanical canvas by embracing both Caraway and Dill in addition to Clementine, Coriander, Angelica, Orris, Juniper, Clary Sage, Sumac, and Anise, for a rounded ten botanicals that create much more than the sum of their parts. These ingredients are distilled once in a copper pot still and bottled at 45% ABV. Though there’s no mistake that this spirit reflects the inherently savory nature of the aquavit category, its bright citrus evokes a gin-like quality that leads to cocktail mixing with tremendous flexibility.


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