Paşaeli is a family owned Turkish wine estate that was founded by Seyit Karagözoğlu in 2000. Seyit, who was born and raised in İzmir, appreciated the value of agriculture and made wine his passion at an early age. He planted vineyards and founded Paşaeli after a decade as a wine importer, as he felt the soil and climate of Turkey were ideal for growing high quality grapes. Indigenous varieties were planted in the Aegean region, such as Sultaniye, Yapıncak, Çalkarası, and Karasakız, and Bordeaux varieties were planted near İzmir. The Paşaeli wines are well-made, balanced, and great value wines from Turkey.

Founder Seyit Karagözoğlu is a personal friend of Marc de Grazia and has experience importing fine wines into Turkey before starting his own winery. Michael & Harmon Skurnik met Seyit at an event at Vinitaly a number of years ago, and when he approached us about representing his Turkish wines, we tasted the lineup and became instantly enthusiastic about adding them to the portfolio. Most of the wines are made from indigenous Turkish varieties, as well as a Bordeaux Blend, have great labels, informative back labels, and are priced right.