Dos Minas

The dos minas (“two chicks” in Argentine slang) of the name are Lucía Romero, who runs Bodega El Porvenir de los Andes in Cafayate, Argentina, and Heather Willens, who came to Buenos Aires via California and has experience working with small wineries in Argentina. Both are champions of wines from the mystical desert landscapes of Cafayate, and both believe that Torrontés is a wonderfully aromatic, food-friendly wine that is among the best of what Argentina has to offer to the world. So they decided to come together to create this small project to showcase the rugged, high-altitude Malbec and the elegant, balanced Torrontés that the best producers in Cafayate are capable of making.

Only 1,000 cases are made of the Torrontés, and only 1,500 cases of the Malbec. The vines for the Malbec are an average of 15 years old, and the Torrontés has grapes from 65-year old vines trained in the pergola system.