Chateau Chizay

Chateau Chizay was founded in 1995 in the village of Berehove in the Zakarpattia region, the Westernmost region in Ukraine, a few kilometers from the Hungarian border. The first vineyards were planted here more than 2,000 years ago, before the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Chizay has a deep connection to the Zakarpattia region’s long history of winemaking which has been influenced over the years by Hungarian, Italian, and Austrian traditions. Chizay’s winery was built at the same location as a winery from the 17th century in the Chizay Valley. Chateau Chizay is the first winery in Ukraine to sign on to the Porto Protocol which is committed to promoting sustainability in all aspects of viticulture and winemaking. Chateau Chizay’s commitment includes mulching all vine prunings to be returned to the vineyard as organic fertilizer. They have also begun a transition to solar energy for the winery and electrical vehicles for the farming and winemaking operations.