Adega de Penalva

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We are very happy to welcome  Adega de Penalva, whose wines are delicious everyday examples of one of Portugal’s most intriguing appellations (and one which has been absent from our portfolio for quite some time now)—the Dão. Perched above the Dão river itself as it snakes through its granite valleys, the Adega de Penalva is one of the leading cooperatives in the area, boasting around a thousand member growers. It’s important to note, though, that the average holding per member amounts to barely over a hectare—a figure that reminds us how tenaciously much of rural Portugal clings to its old ways. (On that note, all fruit destined for the ‘Indigena’ bottlings is hand-harvested.) Since its founding in the 1960s, the Adega has been collecting its members’ grapes and producing clean, characterful wines with a minimum of fuss that showcase real regional typicity while remaining extremely attractively priced.

Region: Dao