The May Price Guide: The Neal Deal!

The May Price Guide: The Neal Deal!
Skurnik welcomes Charles Neal Selections to the California Spirits Portfolio!

Skurnik is no stranger to the stellar selection of French brandies curated by Charles Neal, having enjoyed a twenty-plus year relationship on the East Coast with this aficionado of eaux-de-vie. For years, these prestige bottlings have helped set the standard for Skurnik Spirits, casting a deserving light on small producers of Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados while helping to educate bar and retail communities alike in artisanal spirits; to know Charles Neal Selections is to know the standard of quality to which distillates the world over should aspire.

Charles Neal is an importer and distributor of both French wines and spirits, based in San Francisco, California. His company, Charles Neal Selections, has been in existence since 1998. Widely considered a leading authority on Armagnac and Calvados (having written benchmark books on both), Charles has spent decades cultivating relationships with some of the best brandy producers of France, breaking bread and sharing spirits in homes that have set the stage for generations of distilling heritage. From spritely Grande Champagne Cognacs made for mixing to haunting Armagnacs that evoke visions of royal banquets of old, from the jocund apple & pear brandies of Normandy (begging to be paired with some triple crème!) to ponderous plum eau-de-vie that demonstrates the elegance inherent in the French pastoral, this portfolio is not only a passport to classic French culinary tradition, but a gateway to a modern appreciation of French distillates that has only begun to be explored.

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