Terry Theise Fall DI 2019: Austria & Germany + “The Killer B’s” from Italy

Terry Theise Fall DI 2019: Austria & Germany + "The Killer B's" from Italy

On Tuesday, June 18th, Skurnik Wines hosted the annual Terry Theise Estate Selections Fall DI Tasting at the Metropolitan Pavilion!

Over thirty of our esteemed producers from Germany and Austria made their way over to the U.S. to present the newest vintage. And what a vintage it is! 2018 produced a collection of wines that are delicious, tasty and, as Terry writes, “consistently joyful to drink.” These wines are crowd-pleasing, but far from simple; many of these growers have produced their best collections in many years.

Alongside these wines from “the north,” we took this journey southward to Italy to feature the new releases from our “Killer B’s.” We shared the 2016 Barbaresco, 2015 Barolo, and 2014 Brunello, which are the three most talked-about vintages from these appellations in decades. Expect elegance from 2014 Montalcino, power from 2015 Barolo, and finally energy and finesse from 2016 Barbaresco, which is rumored to be a historic vintage for Nebbiolo.