Fukano Distillery

Whisky, 2022 Release

Whisky, 2022 Release, Fukano Distillery

Whisky 2022 Release Fukano Distillery
  • Limited release koji rice whisky produced by Fukano Distillery in Hitoyoshi City, Japan
  • Produced from 100% rice (koji, malted, and unmalted)
  • Distilled in a stainless steel pot still
  • Non-age statement; matured in refilled white oak, Manzanilla sherry, and French red wine casks
  • Aromas of sugared plums and mulberry with undertones of baking spice and root vegetables transition to a palate of cherry blossom, honeysuckle, toasted macadamia nut, and orchard fruit with a finish of plantain and white chocolate-covered cherry
  • 5670 bottles produced
  • Non-chill filtered; 41.6% ABV

The 2022 edition of Fukano whisky is one of the largest releases yet from the famed distillery, displaying nuanced fruit influence from sherry and red wine casks as well as undertones of umami-rich salinity imparted by aging in the Kumamoto region.


Spirit Type:
Japanese Whisky
Spirit Sub Type:
Rice Whisky

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XFK-01-22 6/750ml