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Whisky 12yr, Hans Reisetbauer

In 1990, Hans Reisetbauer planted his first apple orchard.  Soon after, Hans gained notoriety in 1995 by winning “Schnapps of the Year” at the Destillata Specialist Trade Fair. Reisetbauer has been named “Master Distiller of the Year” by the Austrian gourmet guide A la Carte a number of times.  Hans Reisetbauer’s dedication to his orchards, obsessive attention to detail in fermentation and distillation, as well as constant quest for new innovations has led him to be considered one of the finest producers of Eau de Vie in the world.  In order to control the quality of his products, Hans grows as much fruit and vegetables as possible on his own property, including the grains that go into his vodka, gins, and whiskies.  He has also done careful comparisons to find the best water for use in his process, exclusively using spring water from Mühlviertel.  As Hans explains, “Temperature, time and aeration during fermentation, as well as condition of raw material are important factors influencing the quality of the final product.”

Upper Austria
Spirit Type:
Spirit Sub Type:
Single Malt

Tasting Notes

At a noticeably higher proof than Hans’s 7yr Whisky, this 12yr single malt is the perfect juxtaposition between alcohol and sweet fruit.  With only 5 years more in age, this expression reveals more candied stone fruit and rich raisin tones.  Also aged in Chardonnay and TBA casks.

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