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Viognier 'Sonoma Coast Estate', Peay Vineyards

Our Viognier is notable for its raciness. It is pure, clean, and energetic without the flamboyance and fatness that can push the variety into the cocktail wine classification. I love the 2017 Viognier and if you are a fan of the leaner, higher acid, non-fruit oriented Viognier we make, I think you will, too. There is a real citrus quality and as it warms up in the glass, the nose reveals orange rind, lemon and lime pith, and lemon custard. It is not very floral and does not toe up to the peach and lychee cocktail fruit bowl. There is also a strong herbal quality of lemon thyme and a hint of dill. The mouth has a great attack with candied ginger and key limes shooting straight from the front to the back. There is no fat. It is crisp and finishes salty, fresh and leaves my mouth salivating. This is one of our leaner Viogniers and delicious with raw fish, seafood (oysters!), and vegetables (salads, green flavors, use as you would a Sauvignon Blanc). I would try one when it arrives at your door and save a little for the next few years.


115 cases produced

United States
Sonoma Coast
Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic