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Straw Wine, Mullineux

From one parcel of 38 years-old Chenin on the stony Shale and Schist based soils of the Kasteelberg and one parcel of 40+ year-old dry land bush vine Chenin in the decomposed Granite of the Paardeberg. These are the parcels that gives us the best acidity at harvest. Grapes are hand-harvested at normal ripeness level of 23° Brix then left to dry in the shade outdoors for 2-4 weeks. This allows moisture to evaporate naturally from the berries, concentrating sugars, acids and flavor. When the grapes have shriveled half way to becoming raisins, they are crushed, pressed whole bunch, and then racked to old 225L barrels. A little sulfur is added to inhibit bacteria but allow the natural yeast to ferment. Fermentation takes 6 months and stops naturally when the yeast cannot ferment further. The barrels are then treated differently: some are not topped, but allowed to oxidize slowly, to build complexity. Some are topped every few months, but left without sulfur, and the remaining barrels are dosed with sulfur and topped every couple of months to maintain their purity and fruit. After 12 months the barrels are racked, blended and bottled unfiltered and unfined.

South Africa
Chenin Blanc
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