Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon

Star Cut Martini Glass Set of 2

Star Cut Martini Glass Set of 2, The Cocktail Collection by Richard Brendon

The Star Cut lineup, with the addition of hand-cut stars, are reminiscent of the intricate details often found on antique glassware. Each of the stars have been individually cut into the crystal by expert craftspeople, who pride themselves on their refined workmanship. Despite their delicate nature, these glasses can also be cleaned in the dishwasher! Showcasing the classic martini shape and boasting impeccable proportions, this glass is perfect for those who are particular about their martinis. Whether it’s a Dry or a French, this martini glass never fails to deliver a faultless serve every time.



Sizes Available

Full Bottle UK-RBG-57-02 2/CSml