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Seasonal Gin, 'Autumnal - Bergamot Cocoa Nib'

Seasonal Gin, 'Autumnal - Bergamot Cocoa Nib', Letherbee Distillers

Seasonal Gin, 'Autumnal - Bergamot Cocoa Nib', Letherbee Distillers
  • 2021 Autumnal Release of Letherbee Gin, produced in Chicago, Illinois 
  • Made using the same 11 botanicals as Letherbee’s classic gin (including juniper, coriander, licorice, fennel, angelica, coriander, cubeb, lemon peel, orange peel, cinnamon, & almond) with the addition of dried bergamot peel, cold-pressed bergamot oil, and cocoa nib
  • Neutral grain corn distillate distilled in a pot still
  • Bergamot’s fruity and floral aroma brightly frames classic notes of juniper and coriander while the cocoa nib adds depth and a comforting hit of baking spice
  • Limited run of approximately 190 cases
  • 48% ABV

Letherbee continues a focus on the genus of citrus with this bergamot-driven expression. Thought to be the most delicate of citrus, Citrus bergamia (Bergamot) is a genetic cross between lemon and bitter orange and has been a popular ingredient in perfumes and tea for centuries. With the added hint of cocoa nib in this recipe, Letherbee’s 2021 autumnal gin lends itself particularly well to bitter-sweet cocktails, pairing beautifully with vermouth and amari.


United States
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Dry Gin

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Full Bottle US-XLB-07-01 12/750ml