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Rye Whiskey, 'Rye Humor, Cask Strength', Pinhook

Pinhooking is a term used to describe the practice of buying young, thoroughbred horses, overseeing their initial development, and then re-selling them as race-ready champions-in-training. The Pinhook brand pays tribute to this practice and the parallels between investing in a horse’s potential and the promise of a young whiskey. Optimism, patience, and vision are paramount when training a horse for future victory and aging whiskey until its ready to blossom in-glass. Every year Pinhook releases a new bourbon and rye with each release representing the best expression of Pinhook’s barrels at that moment in time, blended and proofed to be as unique as the horse on the label.

United States

Tasting Notes

Limited to a blend of only 65 barrels, the Rye Humor Cask Strength release is the first edition of barrel proof straight rye whiskey from Pinhook. The barrels are all over 4 years old and were blended by Sean Josephs at Castle & Key Distillery.  Proofed at 114, or 57% ABV, this straight rye whiskey’s deep and dense aromas of dark chocolate, candied black licorice, and vanilla extract set the stage for robust flavors of raisins, tobacco, cinnamon stick, and sarsaparilla.

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