Rye #2, 117.5 proof, Barrell Craft Spirits

The idea behind Barrell Craft Spirits is to “explore the unique effects of different distillation methods, barrels and aging environments, and bottle them at cask strength.” This is accomplished through outstanding relationships within the tightly knit spirits community and sourcing the best distillates available without compromise.  By definition, the bottlings of Barrell Spirits are limited in nature with new releases hitting the market frequently.   Barrels are sourced from around the country (and soon the world), shipped to Barrell’s facilities in Georgetown and Frankfurt, Kentucky for additional aging and bottling. Barrell Craft Spirits is dedicated to moving towards complete transparency. However, some of their partners insist upon production non-disclosures.

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Tasting Notes

Rye Batch 2 is a blending of 100% rye malt that was distilled and aged in Poland for 5 years in Char #3 barrels with Indiana rye with a high malted barley content aged in Indiana and Kentucky for 5 years.  The Polish rye is dry with a nutty, rich flavor and pairs beautifully with the lush Indiana rye, resulting in a sweet and savory balance of saccharine and spice.

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