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Pinot Noir 'West Ridge', Hirsch Vineyards

Lying adjacent to the San Andreas Fault on the extreme western Sonoma Coast, Hirsch Vineyards is comprised of 72 acres, divided into 67 individual farming blocks.This degree of fragmentation is unmatched even by the famously subdivided vineyards of Burgundy’s Côte de Nuits. Due to the site’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the San Andreas Fault, the vineyard has a fearsome diversity of soils, aspects, elevations and microclimates. This complexity defines our farming and winemaking practices: each block was individually developed and is now farmed, harvested and vinified separately.

The West Ridge is a series of hilltop vineyard blocks, spread along the main ridge of Hirsch like vertebrae along a spine. Altogether the West Ridge covers 26 acres, divided into 24 farming blocks. The West Ridge Pinot Noir is a selection of the most exceptional barrels from six of the finest and oldest blocks on West Ridge. These are planted to the heritage pinot noir selections of Swan, Mount Eden and Pommard-Wädenswil. The West Ridge is produced 100% from the single vineyard of Hirsch.

United States
Sonoma Coast
Pinot Noir
Farming Practice:
Practicing Biodynamic