Pinot Noir 'Russian River Valley', Y3 [Jax]

For many years, we have looked at Pinot Noir as a distant fantasy….a varietal that we always loved but knew would be a difficult tackle. Not only is it a highly finicky grape requiring a milder climate, but also we know that Pinot lovers are “die hard” fans wed to a very specific style. As hot climate Napa Valley vintners, we knew that we could not force our hand until the opportunity presented itself. Fast forward and along came our CEO Dan Parrott who had worked with some of the best producers in Burgundy before jumping on board at JAX. Dan inspired us to find the right vineyard and achieve a killer Pinot!

Berries were firm and had perfectly healthy skins and therefore vivid, deep flavors, great acidity and excellent freshness. The wines will be very pure, with strong specific vineyard signatures. But moderate weather prevailed throughout summer. The lack of heat waves kept sugar levels and phenolic maturity in sync. Ripening progressed slowly and predictably.

Our fruit is hand-harvested into small bins in the early morning to protect the fruit and preserve freshness. Grapes are hand sorted and partially de-stemmed before going into small open top fermenters. Following a 5-7 day cold soak period and 10-12 day fermentation the wine is aged in French oak barrels.

United States
Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir