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Pinot Noir 'Occidental Vyd', Ceritas

Fifteen years ago when we started the winery, we felt that the best opportunity for us to express Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in its truest form was going to be from sites located along the northern California coastline 3-8 miles inland. It is here that we witness the Pacific Ocean’s consistent moderating factor coupled with the richly diverse soils from the Pacific and American plates colliding. One place in particular always spoke to us louder than the others – Occidental hills.

One of the sites we longed for holding was the Occidental Vineyard on Taylor Lane. Steve Kistler planted this site (in partnership with the Dutton family) in 1990 using heritage selection massale Pinot Noir material. For many years, this site supplied grapes for his coveted Cuvee Catherine. The Dutton’s decided to sell the property in 2009 to Evening Land. On either side of the vineyard lies Theriot Vineyard (Littorai) and across the street is Summa (Rivers-Marie and William Seylem) and down the road is Que Syrah (Arnot Roberts).

Ceritas signed a long-term lease in 2016 allowing us to work the site as we would like. The site is perfectly situated. South Facing. Heritage selection massale clonal material. Blue schist soils with moderate clay content. Well drained due to underlying bedrock. Dry farmed. We could not be more excited about working with this site.

United States
Sonoma Coast
Pinot Noir
Farming Practice:
Practicing Biodynamic