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Pinot Noir, 'Bryce Vyd', Ken Wright

The Bryce vineayard is located in the Ribbon Ridge  AVA and was planted in 1999 to its current size of 5.04 acres. The vineyard sits on ancient marine sediment made up of mainly Willakenzie soils at 250ft-350ft that is south southeast facing.

Three young dogwood tree starts, their nursery tags still attached with ties, were planted  recently at the top of the Bryce Vineyard on Ribbon Ridge. Below the trees, the manicured, five-acre  vineyard falls away in a gentle, south-facing slope towards North Valley Road, far below, but just a few  feet away to the west, a high deer fence appears to be barely holding back a forest of oak, cherry, maple  and Douglas fir trees, with a ground-cover that is a wicked tangle of blackberry, bracken fir and poison  oak. Inside the fence, where the ground is cleared, the dogwood trees surround a simple slab of  concrete that appears to have an upside-down five-gallon bucket resting atop it, but closer inspection  reveals that the bucket is made of bronze, with one word, “Bryce,” etched into the side. The top of the  bucket has a small hollow where water collects; a dog comes over to drink from it. The overturned bucket is the same image that graces the labels of Ken Wright Cellars Bryce  Vineyard wines, for the bronze bucket and slab mark the final resting place of Bryce Bagnall, a  handsome and talented man whose last years of a short life were spent here creating a dream with his  wife, Marcia. Together, they turned this land that has been so many things over the years – grazing land,
timber land, pioneer land, prune and cherry orchard, wild forest land – into a vineyard that now  produces world-class Pinot Noir wines.

United States
Ribbon Ridge
Pinot Noir
Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic