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Bitter, Argalá

Crafted in the tiny, picturesque mountain village of Roccavione, in Piedmont, Italy, right on the border of France, where two childhood friends, Enrico and Piero, began their journey as distillers. Both men are descendants of distillers, with backyards packed with wild herbs and flowers. With a local culture for Pastis (yes, Italians also drink Pastis) and alpine-styled amaro, Enrico and Piero have set off to create quality products filled with love and fun, an idea personified by their delicious pastis, bitter, and amaro.

Spirit Type:
Spirit Sub Type:
Amaro / Bitter

Tasting Notes

Argalà Bitter can toggle between apéritif and digestif with ease. A dry and bitter backbone is derived by a maceration of gentian flowers and rhubarb root. Top notes of orange peel, elderflower, and garden herbs give way to richer, sappier notes of licorice and rosemary. Argalà Bitter is balanced beautifully with a healthy dose of hibiscus tea, lending it beautiful color and a light and sprightly counterpoint in this predominantly bitter spirit. 25% ABV

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