Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spatlese, Donnhoff

Norheimer Kirschheck

Norheim Kirschheck Riesling Spätlese – Riesling brimming with brilliance and beauty – luscious, opulent fruit balanced by a lively acidity. Immensely deep fl avors of wild cherry enhance this Spätlese’s distinctive, delicious character.

The oldest recorded vineyards of the Nahe are located in this part of the village of Norheim. Kirsche means “cherry”, so the age-old name of the site likely refers to the wild cherries that grow even today amidst the vines. The site faces due south and its soils are composed largely of grey slate mixed with sandstone.

Soil Type: Grey slate mixed with sandstone

Slope: 25 – 45 % Aspect South

Yields: Approx. 45 hl/ha

Age of Vines: Approx. 20 – 55 years

Classi­fication: VDP. GROSSE LAGE®

The Dönnhoff Family is proud to call Oberhausen an der Nahe home. Running from Niederhausen to Schloßböckelheim, the majestic landscapes of the Nahe Valley have held sway ove for more than 250 years. The first official mention of the Dönnhoff name dates back to 1761; the family‘s own history book details the early flowering of 1781 and the bumper grape harvest of 1784. Helmut Dönnhoff’s grandfather laid the cornerstone for the estate‘s success.

From the outset Hermann Dönnhoff (1880-1953) focused his attention on planting Riesling vines in prized vineyards, and by the 1920s was filling his wines into bottles and selling the finest of them by their individual vineyard names. We owe our undying thanks to his son Hermann Jr. (1916-1991) not just for the cultivation of our “Oberhäuser Brücke” site, but also for the construction of the press house in 1936 and the estate‘s first cellar space. In 1953 the estate received a Merit of Honor from the government for its outstanding viticultural achievements.

The grandchild of the estate‘s founder, Helmut Dönnhoff , paved the way for international success by establishing an enduring quality and style in his wines. His vintages would in fact become a byword for renowned German Rieslings the world over. Following his training at his parents‘ estate and university studies in winegrowing, he assumed responsibility for both vineyard and cellar starting in 1971. “Extraordinary wines are based on extraordinary vineyards. I‘m fortunate to have had the opportunity to acquire several world-class sites and in some cases to resume cultivation. It remains a privilege very much for me to produce wine from vineyards of such exceptional quality. It‘s more than I ever could have dreamed when I first started working.” Th is deep understanding of grand wines and grand vineyards was passed on from father to son to grandson. Th e fourth generation now holds the reins: Cornelius Dönnhoff. He began his training in 1999 and, after a series of positions abroad, in 2007 returned to assume responsibility for the estate – initially for the vineyard and cellar, and now for all aspects of the operation. History continues, but the estate remains what it has always been: a family affair in every sense. With its nine Große Lagen, counted among the absolute finest in the region, the estate today enjoys an excellent international reputation for its grand German Rieslings.

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Terry Theise

Tasting Notes

The most loveable vineyard at its most loveable, at least until the veritable invasion of minerality, the almost wasabi-greenness and the Margarita finish. — Terry Theise

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