Mezcal Ensamble 'Cirial, Madrecuishe, Barril, Bicuishe', Macurichos

Led by the young and brilliant maestro mezcalero Gonzalo Martinez, Mezcal Macurichos is dedicated to the protection of both the cultural tradition and the agricultural heritage of agave within the iconic mezcal production community of Santiago Matatlán.

With a strong focus on community, the family employs numerous neighbors and is one of only a handful of distillers in the area who still produce using Ancestral methods, including clay pot stills. Gonzalo and his brothers cultivate their own diverse fields of agave—planting from seed and reforesting the diminishing wild agave populations—and use exclusively organic farming practices with love and respect.

Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol / Pox
Spirit Sub Type:

Tasting Notes

A blend of four Agave karwsinkii! This field blend was cooked in an earthen oven, milled using a traditional, stone tahona mill, fermented in wooden vats, and distilled twice in copper pot stills.

Beginning with an angular and fruity nose, a starchy tail end calls to mind freshly cooked pasta or rice. Bright and zesty on the palate, it’s full of freshly cut herbs, melon, and citrus. Gonzalo’s distinctive note of jasmine and dryer sheets rides through the midpalate and lingers with a wealth of pepper & fresh soil bubbling from below—like stomping through the garden after a thunderstorm. Shockingly crushable. 52.94% ABV


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