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Madrecuixe, Mezcalosfera

Mezcalosfera is the imprint for all exports from the legendary Oaxaca City mezcal library, Mezcaloteca. Each release is small and rare; a carefully selected expression from an iconic mezcalero within the community of Miahuatlán. The mezcals from the maestros in Miahuatlán are unique in their flavor profile due to the high minerality of the limestone found in the soil, as well as the high concentration of lime in the water supply. Both contribute to the marked characteristics of mezcal from this region of Oaxaca. The mezcals here are traditionally made: cooked underground, milled by oxen-pulled Tahona, open-air fermented, and distilled with small, copper pot stills that have a refrescadera on top—a feature that is typically only found in Miahuatlán and Ejutla.

Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol
Spirit Sub Type:

Tasting Notes

Mezcalero Job Cortes produced this tiny batch of rare Madrecuixe (Agave Karwinskii) in the southern Oaxacan district of Miahuatlan. At just 120 liters produced, the masterminds behind Mezcaloteca have granted us all a true gift in this benchmark example of what can be experienced from both Madrecuixe and from the magical hands of Don Job!  A true collector’s item.

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