Italian Malt Whisky, 'ALBA - Marsala & Ex-Islay Cask', PUNI

Begun in 2010, PUNI is Italy’s first and only whisky producer. Hailing from South Tyrol, a province in the northeast of the country, the distillery takes its name from the nearby Puni River. An ideal location for whisky production, the “Highlands of Italy” have a long tradition of growing grain, with rye the dominant variety due to the area’s dry climate and low precipitation. PUNI uses this locally grown rye in its triple-grain mash bill along with malted barley and wheat, contributing a distinct flavor that speaks to PUNI’s vibrant location.

Trentino/Alto Adige
Spirit Type:

Tasting Notes

Distilled from a combination of barley, wheat, and rye (all malted), matured for three years in Sicilian Marsala casks, then finished in peated, Islay single malt barrels, PUNI ALBA is rich and malty on the nose with a textural mouthfeel that meanders seamlessly between dried fruit and subtle smoke. The finish showcases the sweetness of the Marsala with a nuttiness accented by baking spices and peat. Non-chill filtered with no added coloring. 43% ABV


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