Grenache 'Spear Vyd', A Tribute to Grace

Grenache 'Spear Vyd', A Tribute to Grace

Angela Osborne a New Zealand born winemaker who moved to California in 2006 with the dream of making Grenache. In the land from which she stem, the climate is too cool to ripen this sun-loving beauty. And so began her search: northern Spain, southern France, southern Australia, California…

Abundant sunshine and entrepreneurial spirit led her to the latter, and in 2007 I sourced my first Grenache fruit from the Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard. Nestled high above the Pacific Ocean and 33 miles inland, this high-desert vineyard provided the perfect balance of heat and light she sought.

She chose to name her label after two of her favourite things: her Grandmother Grace, and her most beloved attribute. Her winemaking intention is to capture this spirit, and stay as close to nature as humanly possible. The trio is completed by the grape itself, which to her encapsulates grace.

Angela’s  first Thanksgiving in California in 2006 saw her strolling the sands of Moonlight Beach, Encinitas. She  was thinking of her Nana Grace, and how much she would love this american tradition ~ and was drawn to write ‘grace’ in the sand with the big toe of her right foot. When she stood back and looked at it, she realized this would be her label: a tribute to grace.

Luckily for her , her dear and most talented friend Nicole Sykes advised her against using this actual image for her label, and instead provided the graceful design that has adorned each bottle since 2007. The Queen Anne’s Lace motif comes from a dried flower she found in a Dublin vintage market, symbolizing simplicity, femininity and the circle of grace.

United States
Santa Rita Hills
Farming Practice:
Practicing Biodynamic

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The 2018 Grenache Spear Vineyard is an explosion of aromas and flavors, all supported by breams of acidity and tannin that give the wine a real sense of energy. Dark cherry, licorice, sage, mint and lavender bring out slightly darker shades of Grenache character. More than anything else, the Spear stands out for a sense of structure that is not found in any other wine in the range.