Golden Arak

Golden Arak, Ramallah Distilleries

Golden Arak, Ramallah Distilleries
  • Arak is known to have existed since the beginning of distillation itself and is still widely consumed in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordon, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, and Iran
  • Made with neutral grape distillate and anise
  • Arak is commonly served with water in a 1/3 Arak to 2/3 water mixed over ice
  • Delicious with fresh fruit juices or in cocktails as a substitution for Pastis, Sambuca, or Ouzo
  • 50% ABV


West Bank
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Herbal / Floral / Spiced

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Tasting Notes

The grapes used to make Arak Ramallah’s brandy base are grown using low irrigation to enhance the concentration of flavor and harvested in September and October. Once the grapes are crushed, the juice is placed in barrels with anise and the mixture is allowed to ferment for several weeks. The resulting wine is distilled using a copper alembic, a still type which, along with Arak itself, originated in the area at the dawn of distillation. Finally, the spirit is proofed to 50% ABV.

Arak Ramallah is one of the most historic and full-flavored examples of this traditional category today; tastes like history! Arak is best served ice cold: 2 parts water to 1 park Arak. This blend is typically prepared by pouring first the Arak, then the water, followed by the ice, in a fresh glass.