Destilado de Agave, 'Tobaxiche - Oaxaca', Pal'alma

Pal’alma is the export brand for Almamezcalera, the bottling label from Mexico City’s notorious “Indiana Jones of Agave”, Erick Rodriguez. Equal parts historian and adventurer, Erick travels to remote production sites all over Mexico sourcing unique agave distillates.

Deeply committed to local traditions, Erick’s collaborators are all bona fide local legends in their own right.  Working with just a single mezcalero per state, including several states (such as Nuevo León and Sonora) not currently acknowledged under the “Mezcal” Denomination of Origin, Erick bottles tiny batches of truly thrilling, uncertified “aguardiente de agave.”

Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol / Pox
Spirit Sub Type:

Tasting Notes

The Ramirez family in Ejutla has one of the most distinctive processes in Oaxaca. Icons within the local tradition, their mezcales have been exported to the US under other labels but Erick Rodriguez (Pal’Alma) was the first to bottle their work commercially, for his Almamezcalera label in CDMX. The local style in Ejutla produces mezcal after just a single pass on the still, using what is known as a refrescadera — a hybrid condenser column, featuring a couple of plates (“platos”), allowing a rich and deep mezcal at higher ABV.

At an elevation of 1360 meters above sea level, Apolonio & Simeón harvest Tobaxiche reaching maturity between 10 and 12 years, the variety many consider most emblematic of the Ejutla region.


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