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Cachaça Silver, Novo Fogo

Made from the juice of freshly pressed sugarcane, cachaça is the national spirit of Brazil. Its history predates the dawn of Caribbean rum by nearly a century, and it remains among the most consumed spirits on earth today. Besides its 500+ year tradition, the raw material of cachaça places it among the world’s most terroir-driven spirits (much like rhum agricole). Novo Fogo uses organic, estate sugarcane grown in a small town called Morretes on the edge of the Atlantic Rainforest. Salty sea breezes meet the vibrant flowers and fruit of the largest protected patch of rainforest in southern Brazil; the results of their union are in the taste and aroma of every Novo Fogo bottle.

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Tasting Notes

Both fruity and salty, Novo Fogo’s Silver Cachaça is the base spirit for the world’s most popular cocktail, the Caipirinha. Rested in stainless steel tanks for 1 year. 40% ABV

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