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Boca, Antonio Vallana

Boca is a hidden jewel! If Gattinara is the King, Boca is the Queen. The best words to describe this wine are elegant, finessed and delicate. This is a true example that beauty in youth and elegance in age are not mutually exclusive. The Boca appellation is located near Ghemme and Gattinara in the Alto Piemonte.

This cuveé is a blend of three native grape varieties which by law limit Nebbiolo to 70%: Nebbiolo, (65%), Vespolina (20%) and Uva Rara (15%). Nebbiolo confers the structure and the aromatic background; Vespolina adds a fresh, floral quality, and Uva Rara brings a round, silky texture. Each variety is harvested and fermented separately. The grapes are picked by hand and transported in small boxes designed to protect the skins and delay the onset of natural fermentation. Cement is the preferred fermentation vessel and the wines are pumped over aggressively in the beginning to develop tannins and color. This process slows with the passage of time depending on the individual structure of the varietals. The wines are then blended and put into 10 HL casks where they will develop for two years. Boca must age at least 4 years before release and Vallana goes further to age their wines longer, seeking the optimal time to release their wine.

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Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic