Arroqueño, 'Todos Santos', Mezcal, El Jolgorio (BB)

Todos Santos (All Saints) is a profoundly important event in Mexican culture: a three-day celebration of friends and loved ones who have passed on. The third and final day, the Day of the Dead, marks the moment these dearly departed can cross back over into our living world, joyfully reuniting families, friends and lovers for a brief moment. An altar is built for the visiting spirit, called an “Ofrenda,” and adorned with offerings of the things most beloved by that person in life: cherished objects, favorite foods, favorite candies, and often a glass of mezcal.

This year, Casa Cortes pays special tribute to the late Crispina Hernandez Romero, mother of Rolando Cortes and herself a maestra mezcalera. In lieu of a planned Todos Santos celebration in her honor, one among so many important gatherings cancelled this year due to the pandemic, Rolando has decided to release two bottles in her name.

In the words of Rolando, “My mother taught me the meaning of Dixeebe, a Zapotec word that embodies gratitude, love and thankfulness in a way that is difficult to explain. When we toast mezcal with our friends and family, we say Dixeebe to show them we are thankful to be with them. It was a tradition that was very important to my mother.

Because we could not have the Todo Santos celebration we wanted in Oaxaca, we decided to bring this tradition to the world with two very special edition mezcals. These Todo Santos mezcales symbolize the most important connection between life and death, between today and tomorrow, between two hearts and between families. They are an opportunity for us to pay tribute to my mother and toast with her when she is here from the spirit world.”

Salúd Rolando, salúd Crispina – Dixeebe!

Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol / Pox
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Tasting Notes

Maestro Mezcalero “Tio” Pedro Vasquez is often called the King of the Arroqueño. Long before the launch of El Jolgorio, he was known for taking top prizes at annual mezcal tastings in Oaxaca City during Todos Santos celebrations, and he is among those credited with helping to nurse back from the brink of extinction. Widely acknowledged as one of the true masters of the variety, Tio Pedro is the only mezcalero to distill Arroqueño batches released under the El Jolgorio label.

This batch was distilled in 2015 and rested in glass for five years, before bottling at a traditional 55% ABV.

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