Admiral Rodney Rum 'HMS Royal Oak', St. Lucia Distillers

Admiral Rodney Rum 'HMS Royal Oak', St. Lucia Distillers

Sugarcane first arrived in St Lucia in the 1700s, with the thriving rum trade close on its heels. By the 1950s, however, most Caribbean rum producing islands had slowed their pace, and St Lucia was no exception. The last operating distillery now remains in Roseau, uniting the island’s rums under one banner: St Lucia Distillers Group.

Admiral Rodney is a range of three award-winning rums, named in honor of the iconic Naval strategist. The rums are produced using a traditional twin-column Coffey still, reviving the methods of the mid-19th Century, and drawn low on the plates to capture the kind of distinct characteristics which made Navy Rum so formidable.

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Tasting Notes

Admiral Rodney  HMS Royal Oak contains Saint Lucia Distillers original blend of Coffey still rums aged in ex-bourbon casks for 6 to 12 years. 40% ABV


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