Slingshot Winery

All Slingshot wines begin with premium Napa Valley fruit, much of it harvested from our own Juliana Vineyards. The rest is sourced from other choice locations in the valley. We don’t compromise when it comes to grapes because we’re committed to giving our customers sophisticated, approachable wine at a great price.

Consulting winemaker Stephen Test brings more than a quarter century of winemaking experience to his work at Slingshot. A graduate of the UC-Davis Master’s program in Viticulture and Enology, Steve honed his skill practicing the classic, hand-crafted winemaking methods that have proven so successful with Napa Valley wines. Former director of winemaking at Merryvale Vineyards, he now manages his own Stephen Test Wines brand.

Slingshot is a family effort shepherded by James Stewart, one of Napa Valley’s next generation winemakers—a group of young men and women assuming central roles in legacy wine businesses. James joins his peers in focusing on issues surrounding sustainability, preservation, labor practices and maintaining family-owned businesses. Slingshot reflects his ambition to preserve a vital family enterprise and practice meaningful land stewardship—both while producing unpretentious fine wine.

At Slingshot, our singular goal is to bring you a great bottle of Napa Valley wine at a reasonable price. We’re not interested in perplexing you. Nor do we churn out case after case that all tastes similarly dumbed down. Wine is about enjoying the experience. It should be inviting and challenging—fun with a discernable backbone.

That’s what we aim for with every bottle of Slingshot. Great wine for sticking up for the little guy; even better for relaxing with friends.

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