Robin K Winery

Robin K wines are owned and founded by winemaker Bill Knuttel. Named after his wife “Robin Knuttel” Robin K wines are exceptional wines at great values. For the past twenty years, Bill has focused his winemaking on ultra-premium and luxury wines, gathering a wide-range of experience not only in winemaking but also in viticulture, winery construction and wine education. While his training is rooted in science, Bill’s approach to winemaking hinges on an artistic approach, letting instinct and experience set the tone while minimizing the use of technology. Prior to joining Dry Creek Vineyard, Bill was the winemaker at Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery for seven years and at Saintsbury for thirteen years. In both cases he was recognized for superlative Chardonnay and, at Saintsbury, exceptional Pinot Noir. His wines are some of the most respected in California.