Ritme Celler

Helmed by the energetic, free-wheeling Albert Jané, Ritme (Catalan for ‘rhythm’) Celler is based in La Vilella Alta, just north of Gratallops. The vineyards are steep and soils are mostly of the decomposed slate known locally as llicorella. The core holdings are 35- to 80-year-old bush vines of Garnatxa and Carignan (with a particular emphasis on Carignan—also known locally as Samsó or Carinyena) sprinkled with Garnatxa Blanca, Macabeu, and a few other varieties. These are planted in poor, rocky soil and tended and harvested by hand at extremely low yields for an intense natural concentration of flavor without heaviness. In short, Jané espouses a minimalist philosophy of respect for old vines, indigenous varieties, manual labor, and sensitive cellar handling. The goal, in his own words: “expressing and revindicating the quality and singularity of traditional viticulture against the globalization of international varieties and modern winemaking style.” 

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic