Quinta do Sagrado

A Quinta located at the mouth of the Pinhão River in the heart of the Douro. The winery has belonged to the Calem family, of PV wines, for the past 150 years and founded during a time when neither trains or trucks received the wine but instead, business was conducted on a barge, where the wines were transported to warehouses in Vila Nova de Gaia, along the Douro River.

The vineyards lie on the right bank of the Douro River, planted on 17 ha of terraced vines. Many of the old vines have been grafted for new varieties to produce still red wine as opposed the original plantings which were best suited for Port wine production. The wines are made from 100% Class A grapes, the highest level of classification in the Douro. All of the grapes are hand harvested and the family uses minimal intervention in the vineyards, planting cover crops instead of fertilizer and organic practices in order to achieve the highest quality harvest.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic

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