It was in 1780 that farmer Franz Jacob Köllerer established a brewery in the idyllic Bavarian town of Schönram. Eight generations later, Schönram is still dedicated to the sourcing of locally grown ingredients and is well studied in the art of long, open-top fermentation, which encourages the development of a protective blanket during natural fermentation. Known as kräusen, this foamy head acts as a fermentation gauge to our brewers and is treated as a touchstone throughout the brewing process. The results of this arduous yet coveted approach, combined with excellent local ingredients, produce brews that are at once layered, complex and incredibly refreshing. These beers speak not only of place, but also of the longstanding traditions held by this historical brewery. We know farmer Franz would be beaming with pride to know how far Schönram has come and we can think of no greater partner to launch our beer portfolio with than that of Schönram!