Michel Bailly

Domaine Michel Bailly is located on the limestone slopes overlooking the lazy Loire River in one of the appellation’s best sites (and eponymous village), “Les Loges.” The estate is currently run by Michel’s son David Bailly since 1998, but the family has been in the town of ‘Les Loges’ making wine since 1789 (history alert: the year of the French Revolution).

The domaine has a total of 17 hectares of vineyards – all estate owned – for a total production of just under 6000 cases. The soil is comprised of mainly marne (fossilized sea-life of either Portlandian or Kimmeridgian eras), limestone and small amounts of clay and sand. organically farms their vineyards and winemaking follows a traditional path with fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel with the wine remaining on the fine lees until bottling the spring following harvest (usually 6 months).

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic