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The Mezcales in the collection of Mezcaloteca come from different states of México and have met all the requirements to be part of the universe of traditional mezcal.  Mezcalosfera is a branch of Mezcaloteca dedicated to the export of mezcal with traditional recipes . We seek to educate palates outside of Mexico and inspire the category in the use of traditional recipes for making mezcal and exporting.

Mezcalosfera productions are limited and meet all the requirements of a traditional process.

Maestro mezcaleros are born into a long-standing tradition of mezcal production inherited from their fathers and grandfathers; they begin to learn the processes during childhood, helping on the family ranch where they practice this specialized knowledge passed down from generation to generation.  The mastery of the tools, processes, care and selection of magueyes that maestro mezcaleros have varies from region to region and is tied to the natural and cultural environment that it inhabitants have developed over generations. This results in “historic taste”, the traditional taste. By definition, each Maestro Mezcalero is attached to the particular taste of his region.  Without the traditional maestros mezcaleros we would lose the biological and cultural wealth that mezcal provides to Mexico, as they are the keepers of this knowledge and the only experts alongside the people at the origin of mezcales.

The production of traditional mezcales varies based on region and state, as each community has developed distinct techniques and processes to meet the historical tastes of its towns and each has developed its own recipes to distill the mezcal.  Traditional mezcal is made in batch distillation apparatus and its material depends on the availability in each region (copper, wood, reeds, mud, etc.). The number of distillations depends largely on the type of distillers used and can range from one to three distillations. However, the steps for making a traditional mezcal do not change: selecting mature plants, cutting and shaving the maguey, cooking it in an earthen oven, crushing it, fermenting it naturally, and finally distilling it to give it its alcoholic wealth. It should be noted that all the traditional mezcales are above 45 percent alcoholic proof, they are clear and have a strong aroma and flavor of cooked agave.  The diversity of magueyes that can be used is matched by the range of time, materials and techniques, which means that each batch of traditional mezcal is unique and unrepeatable in flavor and aroma.

*Excerpt from Mezcaloteca website