If you’re a mezcal fan and you’ve been to visit Oaxaca City, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve made the pilgrimage to Mezcaloteca.  One of the first and still one of the most significant and educational mezcalerias in the world, Mezcaloteca’s name reflects their philosophy and method: “mezcal” meets “biblioteca” … it is not so much a bar as it is a library. Don’t expect cocktails and cervesas, don’t expect ice or even music; expect only to taste and to learn.

The goal, ultimately, is to introduce people to the biodiversity, culture and traditions of mezcal. The agave spirits in Mezcaloteca’s library come from all over Mexico. Not all are certified as mezcal by the CRM, perhaps, but they are all within the historic patchwork of mezcal history and culture.

To quote Mezcaloteca’s literature directly, “Maestro mezcaleros are born into a long-standing tradition of mezcal production … passed down from generation to generation. The mastery of the tools, processes, care and selection of maguey that maestro mezcaleros have varies from region to region and is tied to the natural and cultural environment that its inhabitants have developed over generations. This results in “historic taste,” the taste of tradition; by definition, each maestro mezcalero is attached to the particular taste of his [or her] region. Without the traditional maestros mezcaleros, we would lose the biological and cultural wealth that mezcal provides to Mexico, as they are the keepers of this knowledge and the only experts alongside the people at the origin of mezcales.”

Mezcalosfera is the export label from Mezcaloteca, dedicated to sharing traditional mezcales and educating palates and minds outside of Mexico. Every release offers a single tiny batch, often less than 200 liters, and every batch is – like all traditional mezcal – by nature unique.