Comtesse Marion

The Vic family are fifth generation wine growers and are at the helm of a dynamic property with roots dating back to the 12th century.  The heart of the property is an old Chateau built from the volcanic black rock that is the bedrock of the Comtesse vineyards.  The family farms using neither pesticides nor herbicides and use only fruit grown on the estate.  Along with the dominance of the property’s rocky volcanic soils, they also have sites with more sandy clay and riverbed based topsoils. From this rich mosaic they make varietal wines that are textured, balanced, fresh and most importantly, wallet friendly. Everything is done traditionally at this domaine and the wines exhibit an exceptional rich yet mouthwateringly delicious fruit. These are easily some of the finest and most authentic varietal based wines for the money we have encountered in many years searching the backroads of France.

Farming Practice: