Lang & Reed Wine Co.

The ebullient John Skupny and his wife Tracey have long focused on only one varietal at Lang & Reed: Cabernet Franc. The couple began making their wines in 1993, convinced that the blending and proper vinification of select Napa Valley Cabernet Franc plantings would result in a serious California version of one of the world’s great food wines. Their flagship wine is a deliciously flavorful berry and spice-laden Chinon-style ‘North Coast’ Cabernet Franc. A second Cabernet Franc, ‘214,’ is named after the unique clonal selection in the Sugarloaf vineyard, Clone 214, a cultivar that originated in the Loire Valley of France, home to some of the world’s most renowned Cabernet Franc vineyards and producers. This year, John and Tracey expanded their Loire focus to include Chenin Blanc.