La Cadalora

La Cadalora

“La Cadalora” means “home of the ora” in local Trentino dialect, and refers to the south wind that blows across the region from Lake Garda. The estate owns some 10 hectares of vines, concentrated near the banks of the Adige River.

The recent history of “La Cadalora” started at the beginning of the eighties, when the brothers Rodolfo and Tiziano Tomasi became the managers of their father’s property and completely changed the production philosophy. Supported by Tiziano’s experience, obtained first at the Institute of S. Michele all’Adige and then in France, Tuscany, Piedmont and South Africa, the two brothers now produce excellent wines that enhance the qualities of the varietals and of “terroir” of Trentino.

Vineyard Practices: La Cadalora is a practicing organic winery. Integrated pest management is followed. No insecticides are used. To control fungi, sulfur and copper-based products are used. Organic fertilizers only every 3 years, if necessary, but cover crops (grass cover) are left between the rows of vines to add nutrients. Between every other row, the earth is tilled to control weeds and aerate the soil. To preserve the wines, minimal SO2 is added, ensuring quality.

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