Happs Wines

Happs, founded by Erl and Roslyn Happ in 1977, is a family owned and operated winery comprising two vineyards in Margaret River. A prolific grower, winemaker, potter and amateur scientist, Erl has crafted some of the most curious and beguiling wines in Western Australia. Grapes are grown without irrigation and hand-picked. The family practices organic soil management, minimal mineral fertilizer and avoids herbicides.

Happs’ Dunsborough vineyard (planted 1977) is situated at the northern end of the Margaret River region, the home of the Happs family. Of the 50 acres, only 17 have been planted. The site is sheltered from the westerly winds. Happs’ second vineyard, called Three Hills (planted 1994), is in Karridale, 90 kilometres south in the coolest part of the region, and it was selected with the driving objective of crafting the finest wine in the world. The Estate comprises 135 hectares with some 23 hectares planted to red grape varieties and 14 to white.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic