Exclusive Malts/Regions

Exclusive Malts, Blends, and Regions are the brainchild of David Stirk, Founder of the The Creative Whisky Company.  This company specializes in sourcing and bottling exclusive, single cask, single malt, and at times blended cask whiskies.

Of the Exclusive Malts, each and every bottling is from one cask; sometimes less than 100 bottles, sometimes as many as 600, always at cask strength with as minimal filtering or tampering as possible (i.e. non-chill filtered, no coloring added).

Exclusive Regions are single cask bottling from the different whisky regions within Scotland. Each uniquely numbered being from a single cask and bottled at 50% to allow a full flavour.  Occasionally these casks are taken from their original oak barrel and ‘finished’ in a secondary oak barrel that had previously contained another wine or spirit.  The blends are a mix of different casks, that are married together and aged.  All are delicious!

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