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Created in 1884, China Antico Elixir is an Italian liqueur focused on the rich, bitter bark tones of quinine (think China-China or tonic water).  Two species of Cinchona trees are used in its production. Besides that hallowed bark, China Antico Elixir features Mediterranean bitter oranges and other medicinal herbs.  It has been aged for 2 years, allowing all the flavors to integrate and round out the spirit.  The award-winning secret recipe, produced by the Clementi Family, is the same today as it was in 1884.  Its intense, rich, bitter, and smoky flavors add depth and weight to drink recipes, both new and old.

Clementi China Antico Elixir is even more commonly consumed in Europe as a digestif neat or on the rocks. For all you bartenders and bitter fans, China is to quinine as Suze is to Gentian. You will adore this spirit!

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