Beau Rivage

William Kelley took his first steps in the wine world after completing a doctorate in history at the University of Oxford, working harvests in California and Burgundy and writing for Decanter Magazine. Today, he reviews the wines of Burgundy for The Wine Advocate.

He believes that good wine is a necessity of life. The idea behind Beau Rivage is to produce a classically balanced and affordably priced table wine, using organically farmed fruit and artisanal winemaking techniques. The search for good value, responsibly farmed grapes that attain full flavor development led us to Chenin Blanc from Clarksburg, California. The first vines were planted here in the early 1960s and immediately thrived in the mineral-rich, alluvial soils –a composition uniquely excavated and freed by miners during the California Gold Rush. With this combination of soils and mesoclimate, Chenin achieves full flavor development at moderate potential alcohol levels. In short, as writer Gerald Asher put it, Chenin in Clarksburg is an example of ‘the right grape in the right place’

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