Arak Ramallah

Arak has ancient origins, and stands among the earliest distillates in human history. The term Arak (or in some cases Arrack) can refer to either cane distillates (as in Indonesia) or anise-flavored spirits. Anise-flavored Arak is the traditional spirit of the Levant region and the Middle East, and the higher-proof regional cousin to European favorites like sambuca, ouzo, and pastis. It is nicknamed the “Milk of Lions” for the way it turns a cloudy white when the anise oils meet water in the drinker’s glass.

Arak Ramallah was established in Lebanon, in 1919, and was the first Arak to be exported to the USA. The Jubran family acquired the distillery in 1945, and today it is remains solely owned by brothers Nakhleh and Bishara Jubran, the third generation to produce Arak Ramallah.