New to Our Greek Portfolio: KIR-YIANNI!

New to Our Greek Portfolio: KIR-YIANNI! 1

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome Kir-Yianni to the Michael Skurnik Wines family. We have long been admirers of their wines and we are both humbled and thrilled that we will have an opportunity to represent them. Kir-Yianni was founded in 1997 by Yiannis Boutaris, one of the leading figures of the Greek wine industry, and carved from two of his family’s most treasured sites – one in the Amyndeon and one in Naoussa. The combination of respect for tradition and the embrace of modern techniques has vaulted Kir-Yianni to an elite position in Greece’s quality revolution. The best evidence of this duality is found in the management of the vineyards. Representing modernity is Haroula Spinthiropoulou, an agriculture PhD who seeks to maximize the potential of the vineyards through extensive analysis of cover crops, trellising, vine density and clonal selection. Representing the link to the past is Thomas Karanatsios, the vineyard manager emeritus who originally planted the Yianokohori vineyard in the 1960s. Stellios says of Thomas, “His empirical views usually coincide with our scientific methods. When they don’t, it’s a hell of an argument to witness!”